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Our hospital lift is engineered to prioritize patient comfort and safety while enhancing the efficiency of healthcare facility operations. With features such as high priority landing, smooth acceleration, customizable options and accessibility features our lifts ensure seamless patient transport and promote inclusivity within hospitals.


Specification and Feature Overview

Lift specifications

Prioritized lift call

The prioritized lift call system expedites emergency medical transportation within hospitals by granting immediate priority to critical cases. When activated, it overrides regular lift calls, ensuring swift transportation of patients in urgent need. This innovation minimizes delays, upholding patient safety and confidence among hospital staff. Overall, it optimizes patient care and saves crucial time in medical emergencies.

Custom-made & designed lift

We are specialized in crafting custom-made and expertly designed lifts tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our bespoke lifts seamlessly integrate into any architectural context, maximizing space and safety.

Energy efficient

Energy-efficient lifts are more than just a technological marvel – they represent a sustainable solution in today’s world. By minimizing energy consumption these lifts not only reduce costs but also play a vital role in reducing carbon footprints. For users, they offer enhanced convenience and safety while for buildings they align perfectly with sustainability goals and regulatory requirements

Lift structure

Our lift structure embodies precision engineering, boasting robust construction for reliability and durability. Its compact design optimizes space utilization, fitting seamlessly into various environments. Modular configuration options cater to diverse project needs, ensuring flexibility.

Elevator features

CANopen Lift Controller icon

CANopen Lift Controller

Coordinates elevator functions using CANopen communication protocol, enabling seamless interaction between lift components for efficient operation.
Earthquake-Proof Lift icon

Earthquake-Proof Lift

Withstands seismic events, ensuring passenger safety with advanced structural features and enhanced suspension system.
Firefighting Lift icon

Firefighting Lift

Ensures safe evacuation during fires with fire-resistant materials and dedicated firefighting controls.
Cloud/Remote Access & Monitoring icon

Cloud/Remote Access & Monitoring

Remote management of lift systems provides real-time access to lift status and diagnostics, enhancing efficiency and enabling proactive maintenance.
Destination Control System icon

Destination Control System

Optimizes passenger flow by assigning them to the most efficient lift based on their desired floor, reducing wait times and enhancing transit efficiency.
Local Wi-Fi Controller Solution icon

Local Wi-Fi Controller Solution

Technicians can now use their smartphones to log in directly to the lift controller, speeding up diagnostics and maintenance tasks.
Real Time Trace & Log Book icon

Real Time Trace & Log Book

Real-time lift operation tracking enables instant performance data access for efficient maintenance, ensuring safety and optimal performance.
Vandal Resistant Lift icon

Vandal Resistant Lift

Built with durable materials and reinforced components to withstand deliberate damage, ensuring reliable operation in high-risk environments.

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